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Case-Based Learning (CBL) is a teaching methodology consisting of reading, and discussing real-world problems and scenarios in the form of cases. A case is on the form of a story and triggers brainstorming between participations, enables decision making and exploration of alternate solutions. The instructor plays the role of a facilitator and students work in groups collaborative solving the problem.
The founding team of SEABED consists of researchers, practitioners and educators in software engineering. Our motivation was to create the first case-based learning collection in the area of software engineering. The SEABED web application and resources are free and open-source. The entire source code is publicly available in GitHub (repository: ashishsureka/seabed) for anyone to download and extend.
We believe that an open and continuous user feedback is required to evolve SEABED and improve it. Please send your suggestions and feedback to Ashish Sureka ( and Paramvir Singh ( Please feel free to send your feedback on any aspect of SEABED: bugs, user experience and feature requests. We appreciate your time in using our tool and providing feedback.
SEABED has a case submission form using which a user can submit a case. The form requires user to provide information such as title, abstract, keywords, author names and affiliations and upload the case as a PDF file. The case undergoes a review process to ensure quality of knowledge-base. The case is added to the SEABED database once it is approved by the moderators.
Users can search cases in SEABED database based on fields such as topic, author, keywords, time period (submission date) and presence of certain terms in the title and abstract. Users can also find most recent cases, most commented and most popular cases. Users can see all the versions of a particular case along with the differences in various revisions.
SEABED allows users to comment on existing cases, follow and up-vote. We encourage users to share their implementation experiences and provide comments on how to improve the cases and make them better. The authors of the cases can then revise their cases or create different flavors of the same case based on the inputs received. Hence there is a process of continuous case improvement.


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Twitter Case
TicketDistributor System Case
LIC Market Driven System Case
All Is Well (AIW) Pharmacy Incorporation
My Baby Girl's Data
StalwartX Case
Browser Case




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  • Twitter Case

    Twitter started as a side project of some of the employees of Odeon Inc. in 2006. It had immense growth nearly 1000 % growth/year.

    Uploaded by Ashish,Paramvir and Yukti on 2016-12-15

  • All Is Well Case

    AIW wants to set-up an online medical store to sell a wide range of medicines. You and your team need to select the technology stack for development

    Uploaded by Ashish,Paramvir and Yukti on 2016-12-14

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We invite MS/MTech and PhD Scholars interested in the area of Case-Based Learning (CBL) specifically in the domain of Software Engineering (SE) to collaborate with us on the SEABED project. We are open to partner and work with interested students and their adviser to define a project resulting in a Thesis and/or joint research paper(s) in a reputed conference or journal. Please contact Ashish Sureka ( and Paramvir Singh ( to explore possibilities.